Honolulu Homes in Paradise

homes1NO. 1

$61.8 million

7 bedrooms • 7 full and 5 half bathrooms • 18,500-square-foot interior • 189,704-square-foot lot

It’s known as the Raptor Residence, but the man behind this luxurious oceanfront estate is Michael Dell, the founder and CEO of Dell Inc. This year, Forbes ranked Michael Dell as the 37th richest person in the world, with a net worth of $13.5 billion. Hawaii County assesses the house alone at $28.5 million, but the better part of the $61 million valuation of this property is the land itself. It’s lot 1A, the premier parcel in the private, luxury residential community of Kukio. (There are no lots 2 and 3—Dell combined three 1-acre parcels.) Kukio is a relatively recent development, an even more exclusive successor to the already spectacular Hualalai resort, next door, but it already figures prominently on this list. Seven of the 25 most expensive homes in the state are located within one of the three divisions of this Kona Coast oasis.


home2NO. 2

$39.4 million

11 bedrooms • 12 full and 3 half bathrooms • 16,023-square-foot interior • 220,414 square-foot lot

Property ownership  is public information, but many of the billionaires and millionaires on our list have set up walls of privacy between themselves and the tax records. The No. 2 most expensive house, for example, is officially owned by Kukio Limited. The Dallas address listed for the tax bill, however, is the same as for Kitano Capital, which was incorporated by financier Ellis Short in 2007. Short has been reported to be an extremely private person; he’s managed to stay largely out of the spotlight as the president of Lone Star Funds, a global investment firm that manages private equity funds worth $24 billion, but not as owner of Sunderland A.F.C., a soccer team in England.


homes4NO. 3

$29.3 million

8 bedrooms • 8 full and 2 half bathrooms • 21,692-square-foot interior • 38,028-square-foot lot

This Wailea house,  the most expensive residential property on Maui, and one of three houses on our list within a 2-mile stretch of coastline, is owned by Thom Weisel, a financier who founded the San Francisco-based investment banking firm Thomas Weisel Partners Group. Weisel has been described by the San Francisco Chronicle as “the alpha male of Wall Street West” with an “uber-competitive streak.” It’s a drive that extends to athletic pursuits, as well. Weisel is a three-time world masters cycling champion.


WOW! Those are the top 3 homes in Paradise!

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